Fitness Training
Not everyone has the same goals when it comes about looks and not everyone enjoys training with heavy weights. However, during our first meeting we will find out what your goals are and how we can set up a plan to achieve them.

Most people get confused because they see so many different exercises, an endless variety of machines  and a multitude of training techniques in the gym that in the end they lose track completely. Once you understand the functions of your muscles, how hypertrophy works and how easy it is to track your progress, YOU UNDERSTAND FITNESS. It sounds very simple but being honest with you, it is not hard at all to get that understanding and knowledge. Often personal trainers or fitness magazines are creating innovative stuff  such as complicated training formulas that leads clients to rely on them.

My goal is that you become independent. I will never hold back information and I will never make something sound more complicated than actually it is. I want you to become the best version of yourself and once you don’t need my services anymore because you think I taught you everything you want to know, I am happy that I did a good job and I wish you the best on your path.

The only thing you should be aware of is, that this will be a marathon and not a sprint. Fitness is a lifestyle and you can’t just train 6 hours per week thinking that only this will bring you close to your goals.

The question is: How much are you willing to invest in yourself and in your improvement?

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