Mental Strength
Let’s be honest, if you control your mind and your thoughts you control your life.
Our brain is the perfect tool when it comes to problem solving. The issue is, that our mind loves to solve problems, therefore very often creates problems and fears out of nothing without any actual reason. You have to stop identifying yourself with your daily thoughts because YOU are NOT your THOUGHTS.
Maybe you are asking yourself what mental-strength has to do with gaining muscles and losing fat?
The only way you will achieve your goals is when you set your mind to 100%. Ask yourself what your goals are and why do you want to achieve them. The WHY is the fuel and provides you with emotions which lead to your daily actions and habits. Most people overestimate what they are able to do in one day and underestimate what they are able to achieve in one year if they work on themselves on a daily basis.
Let us face it, human beings are creatures of habits and it is not easy to change the (bad) habits that you were/are following for years and years just from one day to another. I will show you tactics how you can implement new habits step by step so that they will become a part of you over time.
So, do you know your goals? Do you know your intentions behind them? Are you aware of the WHY behind them? Do you have set a game plan so that you are aware of your further steps?
Everything starts with a single thought which leads to multiple actions.
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